Karate Dojo Code

1) Bow on entering and leaving the Dojo.

2) Address any instructor as “Sensei” whilst in the Dojo.

3) “Oss” is a sign of respect and is used generally in Karate especially in the following situations:

i) Upon receiving any advice or command from the Instructor, the student must reply by answering “Oss”.
ii) When bowing at the start and finish of the class.
iii) When bowing to your partner during Kumite.
iv) In any other appropriate situation, for instance during gradings or competitions.

4) Train at least twice a week.

5) No-one is to leave the class without first obtaining permission from the Instructor before the start of the class.

6) Any member arriving late must take up a kneeling position at the front of the Dojo and await permission from the Instructor before joining the class. On receiving permission, bow and then join the class.

7) Finger and toe-nails must be kept clean and short.

8) Gis must be kept clean and in good condition.

9) Jewellery (rings, bracelets, neck chains etc.) must not be worn during training. If you can’t get a ring off then tape must be wrapped around it.

10) Apply for a licence from the Karate Union of Great Britain not later than one month after being accepted into the Dojo.

11) Members must not smoke, swear, chew, spit or commit any other act likely to offend the etiquette of the Dojo.

12) Members must not use their skills in any offensive way outside the Dojo.

The Karateka’s Promise:

“I promise to uphold the true spirit of Karate-Do and never to use the skills that I am taught against any persons, except for the defence of myself, family or friends in the instance of extreme danger or unprovoked attack, or in support of law and order”