What to Expect from Karate


Karate not only teaches a system of self-defence/fighting art handed down over generations, but will also help you understand your own physical and mental capabilities as your training takes you through previously self-imposed limits.

Respect and etiquette are the foundations of all true martial arts, and Shotokan Karate fosters in its students a sense of self respect and self confidence, as well as respect for others and property.

Your progress is tested and represented by a grading system which is recognised worldwide. In addition to this we encourage competition at local, regional and national levels, allowing you to compete and stand alongside some of the best karateka in the world.

Students have varying degrees of natural ability, however, regular training will increase your concentration, focus and self-discipline as well as your general fitness, flexibility, stamina, strength and co-ordination.

All students are expected to commit to train at the club two nights a week. It is only with regular training that you can expect to progress and achieve all that you are able to. The tenacious student always succeeds.

Ki Ai is the Japanese term given to the loud shout that accompanies attacking techniques. Literally translated it means energy – Ki – and coming together – Ai. All students aim to reach the point where mental intention and physical action happen simultaneously in one sharp focused move, harmonising mental and physical energy into one immovable force. This epitomises Martial Arts.