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Ivybridge Karate Club

25th November 2019

Karate club achieves success at south west area contest (South Hams Today)

Six members of Tsutahashi Shotokan Karate Club based in Ivybridge Community College entered the South West Karate Championships on November 23.
Part of the Karate Union of Great Britain (K.U.G.B.), the largest karate organisation in the country, the South West Championships takes place annually.
Attracting in excess of 200 entries from a number of well-supported clubs across Devon, Somerset and further afield, competitors of all abiliities include current members of the England junior squad for the KUGB.
Competition took place in the disciplines of kumite (sparring) and kata (form). In the Children's events Summer Mair and Will Goodsell triumphed convincingly over much more experienced competitors in the kata, while Victor Torpor also performed effectively against very talented competitors in kata and ippon kumite.
Among the adults, Tsutahashi brought home five medals in total: Tom McLean, Harvey Taylor-Hawkins and Dave Hore came fourth in the adult team kata, while Dave Hore managed two further bronze medals in adult individual kata and kumite.
Established in 1987, Tsutahashi has a long history of competition success at a regional and national level, with the recent regional success another exciting achievement as the club continues to grow.
Ivybridge Karate Club Girls New Black Belts

26th October 2016

Karate kids show that they have what it takes (Ivybridge and South Brent Gazette)

Ivybridge’s longest running Karate Club (30 years in 2017), Tsutahashi SKC is celebrating the success of two of its young members, Grace Wortley and Elysia Morris.
Both girls have recently passed their Black Belt Gradings under the watchful eyes and tutelage of the Karate Union of Great Britain’s Chairman and Chief Instructor Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan, Sensei Billy Higgins 8th Dan and Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan.
After studying KUGB Shotokan Karate for approximately 3 years, Grace passed all her previous gradings with flying colours and easily stepped up the extra gear to achieve her 1st Dan Black Belt grade.
In exemplary fashion Grace completed the Kihon (basics) and Kata (pre-arranged form) tests and put on a spirited display during the Kumite (sparring and free fighting) section, culminating with Sensei Sherry announcing her success, which was much to her delight.
Elysia’s voyage to achieving her Black Belt took slightly longer than Grace’s as Elysia has been involved in so many different sports and activities.  Not only is she a member of the Karate Club but she also takes to the track for Erme Valley Harriers and is a keen amateur dramatics performer.  Elysia’s grading success was a credit to her persistence and personal development as she set her mind to achieving her goal.
Following some intensive training from the club’s Sensei Neil Rowley 4th Dan, Elysia performed admirably and beamed from ear to ear when Sensei Sherry announced her achievement.  Elysia has become the third member of her family to earn a black belt, joining her father Mark (1st Dan) and sister Beth (2nd Dan).
Everyone at Tsutahashi SKC are extremely proud of both girls’ achievements, and they are now training hard to ensure they are ready for their 2nd Dan Grading in two years’ time.
Sensei Neil Rowley 4th Dan said “To the average person in the street, Karate is about learning to kick and punch people for self defence.  There is an element of that, but Karate goes a lot deeper and is more of a personal journey with like minded people who are researching self development, self awareness, self worth, confidence and communication on a physical and verbal level.”
“For Grace and Elysia to have passed their Shodan Black Belt Gradings at such young ages has taken an intensity of dedication and commitment not usually seen in children of their age.”
“They are a shining example of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it, and it gives me great pride to be able to say they are members of my club.”
Tsutahashi SKC welcomes new members – adults and children alike - and offers the first two lessons free of charge. Classes, held on Wednesdays and Fridays at Ivybridge Community College are only £3.50 per person thereafter.  Information can be found on the club’s website, telephone Neil on 07546 924461 or email 
Karate World Champions KUGB Ivybridge

14th April 2015

World-class karate players pass on knowledge in Ivybridge class (Plymouth Herald)

Ivybridge’s Tsutahashi Shotokan Karate Club was proud to welcome special guest instructors Sensei Holly Sterling 4th Dan and John Bruce 5th Dan, international competitors with multiple national, European and World medals between them, to teach at their dojo.  Karate students from miles around attended the inspirational class, held at Ivybridge Community College, during a week which also saw several top UK instructors put students through their paces at the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) Spring Karate Camp. 
After the class, Sensei Holly said “Thank you very much for having us. It was a pleasure to teach such passionate karateka. We always enjoy coming down to Devon.  Everyone is so enthusiastic.”
In the same week, one of Tsutahashi’s black belt students Dan Curtis passed the KUGB karate instructors examinations.
Tsutahashi Karate Club welcomes new members. Classes, suitable for adults and children from 6yrs up, take place in the upper gymnasium of Ivybridge Community College on Wednesdays/Fridays 6:30pm-8:00pm.  The first two classes are offered free of charge.  Subsequent classes cost only £3.50 per person.  For more information please see the website, email or telephone Neil on 07546924461. 
Ivybridge Karate Club Devon Competition

17th November 2014

Medals for Team Tsutahashi at Karate Championships (Sport South Devon)

Shotokan karate clubs congregated at the Cranford Sports Club in Exmouth for the annual Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) Devon Karate Championships.

The day provided an enthralling display of martial arts skills before the crowd of enthusiastic spectators, where competitors of all ages and experience fought it out for medals in several categories.

The squad from Ivybridge-based Tsutahashi Shotokan Karate Club performed admirably in both Kata (set forms) and Kumite (sparring) events. Elysia Morris won Gold and Grace Wortley won Bronze in Ippon Kumite (under-10s); Tom McClean won Bronze in Men’s Black Belt Kumite and Helen Cox won Silver in Ladies Kumite.

£560 was raised for Help for Heroes charity on the day, with more sponsorship money expected.

[box]Tsutahashi Karate Club welcomes new members, adults and children alike, to try Karate at Ivybridge Community College, Harford Road, Ivybridge, PL21 0JA (upper gymnasium). Classes take place Wednesdays and Fridays, 6:30pm-8:00pm and cost only £3.50 per lesson (first two lessons free)[/box]

Contact Sensei Neil Rowley (4th Dan) on 07546 924461 or email More details on the club’s website

Karate Social Activity Club Ivybridge

29th August 2014

Karate Clubs Go Underground (Plymouth Herald)

Kicking and wriggling through underground tunnels was the proposal for active Ivybridge-based karate club Tsutahashi SKC, together with friends from Dartmouth and Exmouth-based karate clubs for their latest social meet last weekend.

With several passages covered in soggy mud with the consistency of melted chocolate, Pridhamsleigh Cavern allows budding troglodytes of all ages a fun introduction to the subterranean world near Buckfastleigh.

The karate clubs are members of a family of over 300 clubs in the UK, affiliated to the world-renowned Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), with several located in the South West.  They offer training in this powerful traditional martial art, with several opportunities to attend karate courses and competitions.  Local clubs are privileged to have the legendary Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) – the first person in Great Britain to gain a black belt – as their grading examiner, ensuring standards remain high.

If you are looking for a new activity when the kids go back to school in September, Tsutahashi Karate Club is running a special offer of one month of free karate lessons at their dojo at Ivybridge Community College, Wednesdays and Fridays 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Cost is only £3.50 per 1.5hr lesson thereafter.  Adults and children from 6yrs up are welcome to join.  For more information please contact Sensei Neil Rowley on 07546 924461, email or visit the website

Ivybridge Karate Social Event Karting

4th July 2014

Karate Clubs Fight for Medals at the Racetrack (Plymouth Herald)

Devon KUGB Shotokan Karate clubs met and geared up for a brave battle of speed, focus and endurance of a different kind at Mansell Raceway in Dunkeswell.

The social event, organised by Ivybridge's Tsutahashi Karate Club, saw instructors and students from several clubs fight it out on the racetrack for pole position and podium places.

This was a great chance for students and instructors to meet outside of their respective dojos and have some fun trying something different. It is one of several socials that have been organised in the past; others including a canoe adventure, day out at River Dart Country Park, Woodlands Leisure Park, paintballing challenge, barbecues, parties and more.

Karate, a very technical, precise and powerful martial art, requires concentration and dedication to master the skills. Efforts are rewarded with great personal satisfaction and growing confidence, not to mention new belt ranks and competition prizes for those who enter. Social events provide an opportunity for students to let their hair down whilst meeting members of other clubs in an informal setting and enhance team spirit and camaraderie.

Tsutahashi Karate Club welcomes new starters, adults and children alike, to try Karate at Ivybridge Community College, Harford Road, Ivybridge, PL21 0JA (upper gymnasium). Classes take place Wednesdays and Fridays, 6:30pm-8:00pm and cost only £3.50 per lesson, with no joining fee. The club is running a special offer of One Month of Free Classes for new students. Contact Sensei Neil Rowley 07546 924461 for details, visit the website or email

Josh Nidan Karate Black Belt Grading with Sensei Andy Sherry and Frank Brennan KUGB

28th April 2014

Talented Josh Earns 2nd Dan Karate Black Belt (Plymouth Herald)

At only 13 years old, Ivybridge’s Tsutahashi Shotokan Karate Club’s Joshua Loben has been awarded a 2nd Dan Black Belt under examination by the Chief Instructor of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan.

Having practiced karate with great dedication since achieving his 1st Dan Black Belt two years ago, talented Josh is a shining example of how efforts put in are so often rewarded with invaluable personal achievement.  

The tough grading test took place after an intensive week-long special course held in Torbay.  This eagerly anticipated event, attracting hundreds of karate students from all over the UK and abroad, sees Senior KUGB instructors and international competitors passing on their vast wealth of knowledge and experience, culminating in a chance for students to take a grading examination for their next belt.

Ivybridge Karate Club’s instructor Neil Rowley said, "Not only has Josh been training hard for this goal at our normal sessions, he also applied himself to intensive one to one instruction from me during the build up to his grading. Having all the Senior Instructors from the KUGB present at the examination can be quite intimidating due to the high standard that is expected, but Josh rose to the occasion and passed in exemplary fashion. He is a credit to himself and the club, setting a great example to others".

For those looking to try a martial art and perhaps a new way to keep fit after the recent Easter Egg over-indulgence, Ivybridge’s Tsutahashi Karate Club is running a Special Offer of one month of free karate lessons at their dojo in Ivybridge Community College, Harford Road, Ivybridge, Devon. PL21 0JA.  Subsequent classes are only £3.50 per person. Classes take place Wednesdays and Fridays 6:30pm – 8:00pm.   Established 1987, this well respected martial arts club welcomes students male and female from 6yrs and up.

Karate Social Event Canoe Adventure

15th May 2013

Karate Clubs Pick Up Paddles and Enjoy a Delightful Day on the Dart (Torquay Herald Express)

“Let’s meet and wield big sticks and see what happens!” was the latest challenge proposed by Paignton’s Torbay Karate Club for local KUGB Shotokan Karate clubs.

Members and friends of Torbay Karate Club, Ivybridge’s Tsutahashi Karate Club and Dartmouth Shotokan Karate Club picked up their paddles and set off from Tuckenhay on a fabulous Canoe Adventure on the beautiful River Dart, stopping off for ice creams at Stoke Gabriel and later moored up on an idyllic riverside beach for a picnic, learning how to build and start a camp fire over which they toasted marshmallows.

Helen Cox said: “It was a great social event for local clubs outside the dojo setting and, after so many months of cold and damp weather, we were thrilled that the sun shone brightly on our day out! We are lucky to be part of an association of over 300 karate clubs in the UK with several based locally and this was like a big family day out which was enjoyed by all”.

“We are looking forward to several more events over the coming months including our very own Devon Karate Championships on 18th May. It’s a very exciting time to be involved with Devon Karate and we’re very proud of the quality and value of learning experience KUGB clubs offer”.

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